About Culture Shock

  • What is Culture Shock?

    Culture Shock is a brand new online travel community. We're a global storytelling site where travelers from around the world share their stories about where they have been, what they experienced and who they met. We go beyond the guidebooks and showcase countries, cultures and perspectives, straight from the view of travelers and natives.

    Unlike other, existing travel sites, we're not about practical advice or information. We come before that. Culture Shock is a virtual window to the world's cultures and communities, created entirely by our users own experiences.

  • Why Culture Shock?

    We now live in an ultra-connected digital world. In many ways the wonders of the internet and social media bring us all closer together: no matter where we all are in the world we can chat on Twitter or share stories through pictures on Instagram.

    Despite this, in many ways, we remain a very divided global community. Many of us have a lack of understanding of or appreciation for different nation's cultures, values, religions and races – simply because we've never been exposed to them before. And unfortunately this can result in negative stereotyping and in worst cases, crimes, conflicts and wars.

  • The Culture Shock Solution

    Our aim is create a virtual window to the world. Not everyone is fortunate enough to travel and experience new countries, cultures and communities. So, we're mapping the culture of every country in the world by 2015. Though our ever-evolving map, you can explore the world by country or by experience: whether you're wondering what you can do in India or what life is like in Guatemala, you can discover all of this, without even stepping foot on a plane! And in learning about new cultures we believe everyone will be better placed to understand other communities and cultures, and ultimately, helping us to become a world where our differences don't divide us. They unite us.

  • How do you Culture Shock?

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