We are a community of people that believe in sharing and discovering great stories about the people we meet, places we visit and the things that we experience.

We do this because by sharing stories we can show people different perspectives about the world we live in.

What it’s about:

Be Genuine

Share your stories that are true and that are yours. Don’t be a pretender! - just share whatever you feel like putting out there, as long as it’s real!

Be Opinionated

At Culture Shock we believe in freedom of speech and sharing positive vibes but we also believe that in life you should have an opinion, so share you thoughts, ideas and feelings by interacting with the stories that you read here.

Be Open

Appreciate the stories that you read. Come to Culture Shock to chill, read some amazing stories but ultimately everyone is entitled to tell their story in their own way and you may not like all that you read. ‘Like’ what you like and ‘Dislike’[insert the icons from the posts] what you don’t like but get ready to open your mind to be able to see and appreciate another culture.

What’s not cool:

On CultureShock you can share all kinds of ‘content’, from music to youtube videos, pictures and text. However, just so that we are all on the same page, here’s a list of things that it’s not cool to post or do:

As a member of the Culture Shock Community, you to agree to the following:

I will not post pornographic or sexually explicit Content. What is ‘sexually explicit content’, here’s a simple test: would you show the content to your Mother? If yes, then you can probably post it!

  • I will not post Content that exploits or aims to harm children (e.g., child pornography).
  • I will not post Content if I am being paid to promote something. i.e. this is not Ebay, if you want to promote a product - go elsewhere!
  • I will not post Content that promotes hatred of other people, including the promotion of hate speech or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity or any other way in which you intent to categorise the human race.
  • I will not post Content that positively promotes violence, insults or threatens people.
  • I will not post Content that includes the intellectual property rights of others without their permission, or otherwise violates their rights to privacy or publicity.
  • I will not publish another person’s personal and confidential information on CultureShock without their permission.
  • I will not mislead other readers by pretending to be someone that I am not (nicknames are totally fine if you wish to tell stories anonymously).
  • I will not engage in illegal activities or promote dangerous and illegal activities.
  • I will not intentionally interfere with other’s use of CultureShock, including transmitting malicious code or viruses.
  • I will not access, use, or exploit CultureShock or CultureShock Content for any commercial purposes, except as permitted by our privacy policy. Of course you are free to act as you wish with your own content.

You are welcome to report suspected violations of our Community Guidelines to cultureshock@ai.aiesec.org, but CultureShock reserves the sole right to determine whether a violation has occurred and what actions to take in response to a reported violation!